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This is the wiki for Saelos documentation


Note that these are the instructions for pre-1.0, while we’re working on the updater to fetch and unzip the latest and then run migrations

What's the best way to upgrade an existing installation?

Option 1

To upgrade in place, you’ll need to be able to run the migrations manually.

  1. Backup your .env file which holds all of your config
  2. Upload the new Saelos overtop of the old
  3. Run php artisan migrate

Option 2

  1. Replace the app, vendor, and public directories from the saelos_full_install.tar.gz
  2. Also replace the database folder
  3. Navigate to /update
  4. To confirm that you're running the latest version, check the notes table. There should be a new deleted_at column. If it’s there, you’re good :-)